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[2019-04-06 :: 01:00pm]
Paradise Double Ice Complex (B) :: Beaumont Hamel Centennial Cup

[2019-04-05 :: 08:00pm]
Paradise Double Ice Complex (B) :: Beaumont Hamel Centennial Cup
Holy Spirit Falcons
Falcons 2019 ID Camp
Sign up for the Falcons 2019 ID Camp at https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdYc08TLz8FfzCPxn_c8qE-Wapf4IukMuaKfSmA2mhY9WX4jQ/viewform
[2019-05-02 20:10:51]
Holy Spirit Falcons
Falcons start Oktoberfest with a BIG Win
The Holy Spirit Falcons came up with a big win vs. a strong O'Donel club. The Falcons had a set back early in the first period when veteran goalie went down with a injury and had to leave the game. However rookie Ethan Kelly stepped up to back stop a big win to kick off Oktoberfest. Ethan Moore opened up the scoring at the 6:22 mark of the second to put O'Denol on the board with Jared Milliy adding the helper. Chase Wellon got his first High School Goal and put the Falcons on the board with a Power Play goal with 34 seconds remaining in the second, Dylan Boland and Ian Poole with the helpers. [Full Story]
[2018-10-03 22:08:18]
Holy Spirit Falcons
Falcons Tryouts
Any player that wish to tryout for the 2018-19 Holy Spirit Falcons Boys Hockey team can sign up at the following link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScQrIf1oHJJWhBEImyIkCSxPey1GlKArf-N20M78Bi-PIL_CQ/viewform If you have any issues please contact Jon Lee at jonlee04@gmail. [Full Story]
[2018-08-15 09:00:52]
St. Kevin`s Mavericks
'The Kid' Puts The Maverick's On His Back For Game 3
It was a hard fought series between the Mavericks and Falcons that came down to the wire Friday night in Paradise. 'The Kid' 88Evan Raymond opened the scoring halfway through the second with a beauty on the PP. He then ended the second, with only 1 second left, buried another to give the Mavericks a 2-0 lead. However in the third the Falcons, with there season on the line fought back. With the goalie pulled 28Scott Roberts point shot had eyes, bar down to make it 2-1 with 2 minutes left. [Full Story]
[2018-03-10 07:34:13]
Holy Spirit Falcons
Falcons get first win of the regular season
The Holy Spirit Falcons came out flying Wednesday night in the Southern Shore against the Mobile Monarchs. Dylan Bromley opened the scoring at the 6:49 mark of the first period with apples from his line mates Nathan Slade and Patrick Noftall. Keegan Hynes netted the Falcons second at 1:36 with Levi Moulton adding a helper. However, Logan Brothers brought the Monarchs to within one with 19 seconds remaining in the first with a helper from Carson Kenney. [Full Story]
[2017-11-29 19:40:14]
Holy Spirit Falcons
The Holy Spirit Falcons Boy’s hockey team is excited to announce that Rock Automotive has agreed to sponsor for the next three years a Falcons Dressing Room at the Paradise Double Ice Complex. The sponsorship is under the Town of Paradise Sponsorship Opportunities Program. This program allows Companies to have a dressing room in the Double Ice Complex named after their company. As part of this sponsorship, Dressing Room 4 in Rink B will become the new home of the Holy Spirit Falcons hockey team. The room and the door will be painted with the Falcons’ colors and logo. [Full Story]
[2017-09-28 13:39:02]
Holy Spirit Falcons
Training Camp Groups Posted
The Following are the groups for Training Camp starting Sept 12, 2017 if you have signed up and your name is not on the list please contact us ASAP. Thank you for helping us build our team and good luck to all players. [Full Story]
[2017-09-10 13:30:30]
Holy Spirit Falcons
Players signed up for Training Camp todate
The Following players have signed up for Training Camp: Sign up today: https://docs.google. [Full Story]
[2017-09-09 20:47:54]

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1598.3939 (+1.598.39)
1569.3884 (+1.569.39)
1561.1466 (+1.561.15)
1543.0407 (+1.543.04)
1537.9239 (+1.537.92)
1526.2050 (+1.526.21)
1522.8764 (+1.522.88)
1499.8514 (+1.499.85)
1462.5420 (+1.462.54)
1438.3043 (+1.438.30)
1408.1785 (+1.408.18)
1402.2369 (+1.402.24)
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